Crystal Lake: Red


Friday the 13th is here again! In honor of this unlucky holiday we've sewn up some new caps. For those who don't know, the number 13 has a special place in bike racing. If you're lucky (or unlucky) enough to end up with number 13 on race day, it's tradition/superstition to pin your number on upside down in order to counteract the unlucky nature of the number 13. Now you know!

Available in white or red with a lightweight moisture wicking center panel and organic cotton sides and brim. 

This handmade cycling cap is made from a lightweight cotton fabric with a 3-panel design for a flat, rounded fit underneath the helmet. It features a flexible, machine washable plastic brim and is finished with a black 1.25" elasticated terry cloth sweatband to keep the sweat out of your eyes and the cap comfortably on your head. 


One size fits most.

Hand or machine wash cold, hang dry. 


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