Winter 2016

The winter cycling cap has been a subject we've avoided for the last few years since moving down here to Texas. It's a fickle beast. Make it too warm and the rider overheats, making the cap wearable only for race spectating or snow shoveling. Not warm enough and it defeats the purpose entirely. Thereby our goal with this iteration of the winter cycling cap was to strike the perfect balance between warmth and versatility. 

This mindset was especially important when it comes to the earflaps, "atmo" the body of the cap should retain the heat, while the earflaps are mainly used to block the ears from windchill. In this way many other caps, our own previous winter caps included, often cause the rider to overheat by using too heavy of a fabric for the flaps, be it fleece or wool. For our caps we've used a double-sided cotton and spandex blend that easily stretches over the ears and can just as easily be folded up over the back of the cap when not needed. 

The brim is easily the most complicated part of the cap, so we try to prep as many as we can separately. Our brims use a flexible, moldable piece of plastic to create a traditional, "flip-able," stiff brimmed cap. 

The fabric we chose for the earflaps is a cotton and spandex blend, serged for a double-sided construction so that it stretches and hugs the ears. 

Our new Sweater Knit side panels waiting to be sewn. Sweater Knit fabric is made from 100% polyster with a knitted fleece exterior to provide warmth and stretch and a soft fleece backing for the interior of the cap. 

When it comes to all our caps, it's important to us that the fit comfortably under a helmet and the winter caps are no different.