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Process: The Vanilla Workshop

April 05, 2015

We love stitching custom cycling caps for our friends at The Vanilla Workshop - their keen eye for design, attention to detail and outside of the box thinking always keeps us on top of our game. It’s always great when an email comes through along the lines of: “Here’s what we’re thinking... Can you do that?” Working with a brand who is as excited about their vision as we are about figuring out how to execute it is one of the things we like best here at Rothera. 

For their HollowText V1 cap the goal was to create that classic cycling cap look that would also highlight the handmade craftsmanship that goes into each hat. For the classic look and feel we chose a red, 100% cotton twill and printed the signature HollowText in Vanilla Blue, which we paired with a contrasting brim also in Vanilla Blue. To emphasize and showcase how each of our caps are made by human hands, we used a red contrast thread to stitch our signature arcs through the brim.

You can find these super limited edition cycling caps here


First the HollowText art is underlaid in white and then blue on top. 

Screenprinting the Vanilla HollowText graphics ensures the detail of the art comes through, but also allows us to pantone match their Vanilla blue. 

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